The Only Constant Is Change In A Pandemic World

By Trey Byrom III: With infection rates in a constant fluctuation, it has been challenging to say the least for companies (large and small) to bring their people back to the office.

Employers are navigating uncharted territory in a pandemic world, and are charting a new path toward the post-pandemic world. Communication is more important now than ever, with employers communicating more frequently and being transparent with their employees.

I have seen the following trends/ways developed with organizations having policies that are more specific and approaches for the future workplace, enabling employee well-being and a rise in productivity.

Hybrid Work options have been a huge trend even pre-pandemic. Now flexible (remote work) is becoming more equally applied to teams and leaders across the board.

Spaces are being transformed to create employee experiences where people can work and reconnect with colleagues on and off video. The desire for more flexible, shared workspace has increased tremendously and in person attendance is gradually increasing.

Employers are utilizing social influences to encourage and promote vaccinations to create a healthy and safe workplace.

Workplace flexibility is evolving and becoming more defined as people go back to the office. Increase of priority that support teamwork and increasing collaboration zones and improve air ventilation.

After over a year of forced remote work from home, employees are demanding collaboration and shared spaces, and one of the reasons they are coming back to the office. Everyone is craving that social and peer interaction in and out of the office.

The workplace will be forever changed, hopefully for the better. Less open office, more collaboration areas throughout, with on-going initiative and focus on the health and well-being within the office to create a more agile working model for now and the future.