I grew up in a small town in northwest Indiana and loved the ambiance of Chicago anytime I would visit, especially during Christmas. I also knew that I wanted to be somewhere where I could grow and meet a variety of different people. When I first went to college, I was a biology major with a minor in accounting, after about a year and a half of school I decided that biology just wasn’t my thing and wanted to pursue accounting as a major. I was then able to start taking classes for my Masters degree while still in undergrad and graduate in 4 years with a Bachelors and a Masters at the same time in 2020. I interned with eaa in the summer of 2018 and did various tasks with them thru the years until I started full time in January of 2020.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Accounting from Trine University, Master of Business Administration from Trine University.

  email: [email protected]
  phone: 312.768.4248