Interior Design For Restaurants & Retailers

Interior design plays a crucial role in the success of retailers and restaurants for several reasons: In summary, interior design is vital for retailers and restaurants because it directly impacts branding, customer experience, functionality, and the overall success of the business. A well-designed interior can attract and retain customers, differentiate the business in a competitive […]

Amenity Spaces Yield Big Benefits

Amenity spaces in buildings refer to shared facilities or areas that are designed to enhance the overall experience and well-being of the occupants. These spaces offer various benefits, both for the building owners and the people using them. Here are some advantages: 1. Improved Tenant Attraction and Retention: Amenity spaces can be a significant selling […]

Is Sustainable Architecture Alternate Reality?

Architecture has always been in a miasmic balance between aesthetics, class, and sustainability where capitalism is the typical victor. Luckily, there has been a slow shift towards some sense of equilibrium that allows for voices beyond the old cultural harbingers of rich, white, cis-hetero male architects, and in that societal shift, sustainability

Multi-Family Residential Brief: Viridis @ 570 W. Washington

eaa’s newest conceptual design for an 8-Story Multi-Family Residential project at the intersection of North Jefferson Street and West Washington Boulevard in Chicago’s West Loop Gate neighborhood. It is surrounded by several mid-rise office buildings, high-rise hotels, residential buildings, street level retail, the Kennedy Expressway, and Ogilvie Transportation Center.